Welcome to UK Jewish Film’s educational resource designed to support teachers and youth workers educating about the Holocaust through film.

Film has the power to engage audiences emotionally and intellectually, and for this reason can be a excellent way to explore complex stories and ideas. Through knowledge and understanding of the appalling destruction of lives during the Holocaust, we hope these activities will encourage young people to speak out against prejudice and racism.

Watching, discussing and analysing films based on true stories from the Holocaust offer accessible ways in to learning about this catastrophic period in European history. This learning should always be contextualised by reliable historical sources, and throughout this website we signpost you to organisations and resources which offer this essential historical context.

To arrange a screening event in your school or for your local community, please contact education manager Rachel Burns.

Educators’ Notes offer further guidance, recommended reading and links for research.

This glossary is a very helpful place to remind yourself of key terms and concepts. It should be referred to throughout your study of this topic.


Watch the trailers for suggested films. Resource materials for each of the films can be found here.

AGES 17+: A Film Unfinished In Darkness
AGES 15+: Europa Europa Once in a Lifetime Sophie Scholl
AGES 13+: Nicky’s Family No Place on Earth Secrets of War